Captain: Bobby Kelly

Miss Brianna

"Welcome Aboard" is how we start every trip on-board the charter boat Miss Brianna! Your First Mate will help you on and store your gear then lets talk about fishing. Come fish with us on a novice level and you'll be sure to leave an expert. We share with you our 15 years of charter fishing experience and take pride in being part of the charter fleet in Orange Beach that has earned its reputation as the best. On-board our main goal is to HAVE FUN and CATCH FISH!


Fishes: 6


Hours Price Offered
4 Hours Trolling: $1200 Every Day
5 Hours Bottomfishing: $900 pm only Every Day
6 Hours Bottomfishing: $1200 Every Day
8 Hours Bottomfishing: $1500 Every Day
10 Hours Bottomfishing: $2000 Every Day
12 Hours Bottomfishing: $2300 Every Day
18 Hours Tuna Trip: $3500 Every Day
36 Hours Tuna Trip: $5000 Every Day

Special Trips / Rates

  • Nothing Longer Than An 8 Hour
  • 6 hour am minimum (will run a 4 hour but charge 6 hour price)
  • Can run two 8 hour trips with a 6:00 am departure